Referee Certification and Recertification Paths for 2024

Our referee instructional year begins July 1 and ends in mid May. Referees who certify or recertify now will receive a 2024 referee badge, may begin officiating immediately and will remain certified through December 2024.  Referees with 2023 badges may wear them through December 2023, though we highly recommend that you recertify now to receive instruction on the recent changes to the Laws of the Game.

We offer five paths to certification and recertification for 2024, though only one of these paths will be appropriate for you, so choose carefully.

There are separate registrations, instruction, certifications, and referee badges for Soccer Referees and Futsal Referees, other roles like Assignor, Mentor, and Referee Coach.  The process for registration and instruction is similar.  The process described below is for Soccer Referees.  When registering for a clinic, for "Official Type" select "Referee" for Soccer Referee, and select "Futsal Referee" for Futsal Referee, etc.

PATH #1: You want to become a referee for the first time and have not registered or started the online training yet.  Welcome!  You will complete a combination of online lessons and an in-person field training session.  The registration and clinic fee is $85.  Click here to begin your referee journey.

PATH #2: You want to become a referee for the first time and started the training in the spring, but did not complete it.  We transferred you into the 2024 Carryforward Online PreClinic, so you can complete the online lessons, then attend the field training session, and be certified for 2024.  There is no additional registration fee or clinic fee for you for 2024.  Click here to continue your training as a new referee.

PATH #3: You were certified for 2023 and awarded a 2023 badge.  You need to complete the annual online training for your recertification.  Your fee for 2024 is $85. No field or classroom sessions for you.  Click here to recertify for 2024.

PATH #4: You were certified for 2021 or 2022 but did not register to recertify for 2023.  You are a lapsed referee, but can still complete the recertification process for 2024 online; no classroom or field session.  The registration and clinic fee is $85.  Click here to recertify as a lapsed referee.

PATH #5: You were certified as a referee in 2020 or earlier, but have not recertified during the past three years.  Welcome back!  You will recertify for 2024 by completing the same online lessons as the new referees and an in-person field training session.  The registration and clinic fee is $85.  Click here to begin.

For more information regarding certification and recertification, please contact your Area Director of Instruction.  Their names and contact information can be found by clicking here.

Important: Read the procedures for completing certification/recertification BEFORE registering for a clinic.  

Posted July 6, 2023