State Referee Committee

Chairman - Mort Sajadian
Past Chairman - Pat Delaney
President, Metro DC-Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA) - Jim Sadowski
President, Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) - Bill Phillips
State Referee Administrator (SRA) - George Vergara
State Director of Referee Coaches - Assessments (SDC-A) - Chuck Watts
State Director of Referee Coaches - Instruction (SDC-I) - Jack Deplitch
State Director of Assignors - Toni Goad 
State Director of Futsal (SDF) - Keree Koeppel
State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) - AG Gomez
Amateur Representative - Jim Sadowski
Youth Representative - Amy Thompson
Referee Assignor Liaison - Acacia Ellis
Registrar - Patrick McFall 

Area Referee Administrators

We are focusing on improving the instructor-to-assignor-to-referee coach process by reenergizing the Area Referee Administrator position.  The responsibility of the ARAs is to be the integration hub of the referee coaches, assignors and instructors.  He or she will be the one person in your area that will get to know each of you, your desires and how to best make you successful as a referee. 

North - John Davis
Central - Vacant
South - Sean Kent
West - Vacant

Area Director of Assessors

North - Mark Cook
Central - Mike Renner

Area Director of Instructors

North -  Diane Florkowski
Central - Lecky Stone
South - Ryan Williams
West - Bill Newton