SafeSport Update

Annual Training Required

SafeSport training for adult referees does not run concurrently with your referee license - it expires one year from the date you most recently completed SafeSport training. 

Referees with expired SafeSport training are disqualified from officiating, so complete the free 20-minute online refresher before your SafeSport expires to maintain your referee license.   

Referees turning 18 this year will complete the SafeSport core course online after their 18th birthday.   


SafeSport Instructions

1.    Login at 

Do not create a new profile in the Learning Center.  You already have one.

2.    Hover over the “Courses” tab, and select “Available Courses.”

3.    Under Available Courses select the gray “Supplemental Courses” bubble.

4.    Scroll down and select SafeSport - second item in the left windowpane.

About SafeSport

Preventing abuse in sports begins with awareness and how to recognize the red flags of emotional, physical and sexual misconduct, and then what to do if abuse does occur. The online 90-minute SafeSport core course covers the following topics in-depth and provides a pre-and post-testing component:

  • Mandatory Reporting 
  • Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education 
  • Emotional and Physical Misconduct

If you have previously completed the core training, then you will instead be presented with the Refresher course. This 20-minute course reviews the basics of recognizing misconduct in sport and the requirements for reporting misconduct.

Any questions or technical  problems with the content inside the actual e-learning window should be directed to:

Posted March 1, 2021