2024 Futsal Certification and Recertification

Futsal referees must recertify annually.  Information on registration and classes for the 2024 registration year is posted.

**NEW** Regional Futsal Upgrade Requirements

To complete the upgrade process to Regional Futsal Referee, the Grassroots Futsal Referee:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must have a minimum of five consecutive years holding a Grassroots Futsal certification;
  • Must have a minimum 30 games in a two referee system at u16 or above (documented);
  • *Must pass three formal practical evaluations:
    • One match as Referee 1 or Referee 2 on a competitive, highest youth level U18/19 boys match;
    • One match as Referee 1 on a competitive adult amateur match or above;
    • One match as Referee 1 on a senior amateur or premier level match or above
  • Physical fitness test

* Each match evaluation must be performed by a different Referee Coach (with advanced futsal knowledge)/Director of Futsal

* All matches must be played to completion

* Any evaluation resulting in a not acceptable performance rating will require an additional evaluation at the same level

* At least one match must be with a 3rd referee and timekeeper

All new candidates for upgrade to Regional Futsal Referee must submit a comprehensive list of their games that count for upgrade to Regional Futsal Referee to the Director of Futsal prior to their upgrade approval.  This list should include at a minimum, the game date, league, division, teams, score and assignor’s name.